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About us

SKS is the owner and operator of a diverse fleet of tankers and OBO carriers. The company is owned by Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS

SKS currently controls a fleet consisting of:         

  • Suezmax tankers of 159,000 DWT (Epoxy Coated cargo tanks)
  • Product Tankers of 120,000 DWT
  • Aframax size  OBO carriers of 121,000 DWT

More details about our fleet can be found here


SKS controls Suezmax-size tankers. These innovative vessels have pure epoxy coated cargo tanks and certain additional fittings to enable the vessels to transport sensitive cargoes such as jet fuel. As such, these vessels are amongst the largest engaged in this trade.

Product Tankers

The SKS D-Class has a number of innovative features to ensure safe and efficient transportation of refined petroleum products. These include large cubic capacity, six double valve segregations, stainless steel cargo lines on deck, in addition to individual deep well pumps in each cargo tank.

A video presentation of the D-Class can be found here:


The concept of ships that are able to load both wet and dry cargoes is not new, however it has been refined over years to counter the operational shortcomings of earlier generations of such vessel. The criticisms leveled at older generations of OBOs have been answered one by one by the design of the vessels of the SKS fleet.

A video presentation of the OBOs can be found here:

Organization and management

SKS has a competent organization onboard and in our respective offices.

Technical management of the fleet is handled by OSM Maritime in Bergen.

Commercial Management is located in Bergen and Singapore.

The Jebsen family has interests in other shipping companies including Bulk Trading Group and KGJ Cement. This makes possible certain economies of scale and a pool of knowledge in specific areas, of which SKS is able to take advantage.